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Bem vindo aos Saletianos

Fraternidade Ordem da Mãe de Deus

Our Mission is to make known the messages of Our Lady of La Sallete and through the conservation of the Liturgy and Traditional Doctrine to establish all things in Christ the King.

Learn about the history of our Foundation. 

Receive a visit from the Saletians in your city or come and see our work. 

Visit our store and get access to books and sacramentals to help you strengthen the Faith and defend yourself from heresies.

Our Publications

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Radio Saletian

The Catholic Tradition in your home

Folhas de música e uma cruz

Know and appreciate

100% Catholic


Crianças na igreja

Preparation for the Sacraments for Children and Adolescents.


Cristãs de Rosário

see how you can

contribute to this work


Cross Church

Read news and study more

on Catholic Doctrine.

Discover our work

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