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Our Apostolate

We are a Fraternity made up of consecrated and tertiary brothers who seek to preserve the Sound Catholic doctrine, the Holy Mass and the other Traditional Rites, as well as seek by all possible means

the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the establishment of the Reign of Christ. 

Our mission

Our Lady's message in La Sallete is an appeal for our times. 

In her appearance to Maximin and Mélanie Our Lady made startling revelations about the behavior of the Clergy and the laity.

The mission of the Saletians is to make this message known and indicate a safe way for the faithful to preserve their faith and achieve salvation in these confused times. 

Radio Saletian

In order to reach as many souls as possible, Web Rádio Saletiana takes traditional, classical and medieval music, combined with programs of prayers, meditations and knowledge of Art and education.   In this way, the Saletians are present with the main messages of the Blessed Virgin in homes.

 Rádio Saletiana 

The Catholic Tradition in your home! 

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pastoral works

 We know that Progressivism has invaded school environments with the evil intention of perverting the purity of children and at the same time not giving them the necessary instruction to seek the ultimate good that is their salvation and intelligence natural way to live well in this world.

That's why we have developed support work for families that includes Catechism and complementary education. 

Know, visit and help this work.

private chapels

Our Missionary work is based in Private Chapels where the faithful have greater ease

access to Holy Mass.

Visit the Chapel closest to your city.          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  




If you have children and want them to learn the Traditional Catechism of the Church, join our online Catechism class. 

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